5th October, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I would like to celebrate the wonder of 'Tags' with you. If, like me, you use a productivity app like 'Todoist' or 'Asana', you are probably familiar with the concept of tags and, like me, may have already have developed an addiction to using them to ensure that your daily 'to do' list or weekly diary is optimised for maximum productivity. In my case I think it may have slinked from a good idea to an obsession actually!

In my 'To do' list app, I use tags to categorise tasks - from 'urgent' to 'do when you have a moment to spare but can't be bothered with anything too mentally taxing'. I have tags so know if I’m waiting for someone to reply to me and even things I need to talk to certain people about – when I finally catch them on the phone I just pull up that tag and have all my queries to hand. I also use tags for categorising the type of work required for each job, i.e. 'finance' and 'invoicing', so that if I am in the bank account I can find everything I need to do in one go, and any notes about invoices I can pull up at the end of the month. I also have a 'Costa’ tag - full of interesting articles that I want to read, but don't ever have time to read on a standard working day. And my favourite tag is one for “spare 5 minutes” which I pull up when I arrive at a meeting a bit early and can bash out a few odds and ends – quick calls to book things, ordering something online, replying to a text.

Being able to tag items of content on websites is also very handy. Facebook has recently jumped on to the 'tag' bandwagon ( a bit like Pocket) and now gives users the opportunity to save articles or videos that look interesting, but that they don't have the time to read right there and then. With more and more businesses using Facebook as a communication tool, every time you log-on to check your messages or make a post, it's likely that you'll spot something of interest; click in the top right hand corner of the article and select 'save' and you'll be able to read the interesting (or amusing) post at your leisure (and repost it on your page or a group as needed).

Emails are another area where tags can be used effectively to help you work more efficiently. You can easily set up folders or categories for different customers, for work that needs to be dealt with quickly, and a 'maybe read later?' folder for newsletters – gmail is brilliant for this. `

Finally, in my CRM, I use tags to categorise the wide variety of different people that I come into contact with - i.e. friends, work associates, clients, potential clients,experts, etc. It's also quite handy for an 'avoid' category; you know, that one person that you once met at a Networking event and would ideally like to avoid for the rest of time... yep, there's a tag for that!

Go on, embrace the tags! Make your life a colourful and more organised place to be and get tagging today!

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