27th January, 2017

As soon as the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, we are catapulted (whether we like it or not) into a living, breathing cliche: 'Be your best self this New Year'. 'Make 2017 your Best. Year. Ever', etc. It's difficult not to start daydreaming of a 'better you' when you are bombarded on all fronts by demands to improve yourself.

I'm going to throw another idea into the ring though – hear me out! This is my ground-breaking, deep and meaningful evaluation of the human condition:

You are doing really well already.

Admittedly, for the people who would actually like to have a slightly healthier diet, or exercise more, or whatever, this probably isn't a helpful mantra to have. I'm coming at it from the perspective of a business owner, and I really think it is an interesting way to motivate ourselves to look at issues more positively. For example, lets consider an issue like: 'I barely have enough time to file my own business expenses'. Some would say that this simply calls for a resolution to be more organised, a resolution that suggests that the business owner currently lacks sufficient organisational skills - it's like a 'NEEDS IMPROVEMENT' comment in big red pen all over your life. However, coming at the issue from the 'You are doing really well already' perspective helps you to cut down a little on the guilt and general whisperings of inadequacy that plague the majority of humankind (even if people don't admit it). Perhaps you really are too busy to carry out this work because you are just so successful at your job! What an alien way to look at things - but, in my opinion, a great way to look at them!

At Personally Virtual, we're here to help Business owners at the top of their game; people who want to focus on what they do well at and enjoy rather the mundane necessities of day-to-day business life that they don't like and don't really have time for.

However, saying that, we're also here for the people who do consider themselves disorganised or inadequate - but only so we can help you rebuild the confidence that you have in yourself and your business so that you too can stand in front of the mirror and say "I'm doing really well". And actually mean it.

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