So, you’ve found a trusted and highly skilled remote worker to carry out tasks on behalf of your business… now what do you actually delegate/outsource to them?

There are 2 ways that you can utilise remote workers within your business.  The first is to find staff that have a particular skillset currently missing from your in-house team of employed workers, so that you can pass them specific work that they can complete more quickly/easily/efficiently than your existing staff members. This can help to improve efficiency by ‘freeing up’ time for your in-house team so that they can focus on areas of day-to-day work that they were specifically taken on to assist with, thanks to their own unique skills and experience.

The second way that you can utilise a remote worker is to find someone who has a range of skills that could all be beneficial to your business – that way, rather than having specific tasks to complete, you will have a flexible team member who can provide all-round support to your business and help out ‘where it matters most’ on a day-by-day or ad-hoc basis. This more generic support role may seem like the simpler way to outsource, but it requires a multi-talented and multi-faceted virtual worker who has the ability to seamlessly ‘fit in’ to your business, as well as have the ability to effectively prioritise which work should be completed first (not necessarily the easiest role when you work outside of a business from a ‘remote’ location!).

Outsource everything but your brilliance

Another thing to consider when outsourcing work is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be work that you physically can’t do that should be passed on to a more skilled individual.  There are probably also tasks in your day-to-day working life that you don’t enjoy or find incredibly boring – mundane tasks that take you away from doing what you are best at. Why not consider outsourcing some of these tasks to a trusted and conscientious virtual professional? That way, you know that they are being completed efficiently and correctly, but also have more free time to dedicate to running your business and selling your unique products and services.

How would you use a VA in your business? It’d be great to hear what you would outsource if you could!

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