26th November, 2017

As the festive holidays approach, how is business for you? After a long and hectic year, it’s understandable that energy levels and efficient and productive working habits can wane, but if you can keep the momentum going for even just a few more days, 2018 could definitely start on a positive footing for you! Let me explain…

I have the pleasure of knowing a gentleman from a networking event who has developed an idea he refers to as ‘The Leverton Fast Start’.  This phrase calls for an individual, team or business to make December all about getting a good start to January on the basis that starting a new (or financial) year in a good way, is likely to motivate and energise you for the rest of the year. 

December is a challenging month for many B2B businesses as companies wind down, go off on jollies and generally lose interest in buying anything other than mince pies. In the meantime, most companies have targets to hit by the end of the year, making December a frantic month to try and sell at the same time as no one is really interested in buying! In your year plan, mentally write December off for new business conversations and instead, make your December focus all about getting meetings in for the New Year.

As you know, returning to work in January after a week or so off isn’t always an incredibly exciting and productive affair.  For a start, many of us have probably consumed our weight in mince pies, sausages wrapped in bacon and ‘Christmas tipples’, not to mention eating turkey in every conceivable form. January also isn’t traditionally associated with tropical weather that has you bursting out of bed every morning and throwing the windows open to greet the sunshine.  In fact, January can be a bit of an anti-climax, making it difficult to get back in ‘the zone’ when it comes to work.  However, if your diary is already full of meetings, it definitely is slightly easier to get back on the horse! Having definite events to focus on and plan for can help to motivate you, and help you to hit 2018 running and work coming in the door. For those who decide to temporarily put off scheduling appointments and events until after the festive season, the start to 2018 can definitely be a lot slower; clients and contacts may still be on leave until the middle of January, and you could find that your diary only starts filling up from February onwards.  That makes January a looooooooong month with potentially few new conversations.

So, if you are tempted to slow down this December, why not try and keep pushing through for a little bit longer so that you can start January ahead of the game? We’re definitely embracing the ‘Leverton Fast Start’ here at Personally Virtual, and are looking forward to leaping into January with fireworks, bells and whistles and as much excitement and momentum as we can muster – wish us luck!

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