7th August, 2015

“I’m so disorganised!” Is a cry I often hear from people I meet. And in some cases it is true. But actually, almost everyone has some level of organisation. How else would you manage to earn money, eat food, get back in your house whenever you leave it? We all use hundreds of tiny systems a day as habits to function in the world, we have to. The large majority of my clients are very organised indeed, whether they believe it or not!

I think that often perceived disorganisation is something else entirely.

In some cases it’s not having those simple systems in place to organise regular business tasks – for example having expense receipts in your wallet, in your email inbox, in a folder and as a standing order which needs pulling down from an online statement. When it comes to recording them, it feels messy and complex.

Or it might be managing business cards – you go to an event, chat to people, take their cards. Then what? Is there a system or is it pot luck as to whether the cards will be followed up as needed, added to your mailing list and /or CRM system (or whether you’ll come across them a month later, dog-eared and covered in biscuit crumbs at the bottom of your handbag with not the faintest idea who these people are)?

Having a system in place is really important to give you the sense of control and make sure that your business runs as smoothly as it can. But even the best system in the world won’t work if you are too overwhelmed to get to it. A sense of being disorganised and in chaos can also be a sign of having too much on your plate. Being a great organiser without doubt makes your more efficient and able to get things done in the available time. But if you have a huge workload it isn’t going to solve your problems, best case you will just have a much clearer picture of all the things you can’t find the time for!

Ad Hoc VA services are a great way to give you more time back as and when things get busy. If you want to get systems in place to get your back office running smoothly, or you just need some help to get yourself straight in the ones you have now, why not give Personally Virtual a call? You’ll be amazed how much less chaotic life seems in just a few hours.

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