I have a friend who likes to say 'Everybody has a Talent', and though having watched 'Britain's got Talent' I have occasionally questioned the truthfulness of this statement, generally I have to agree. We all have certain aspects of our job that we excel at - the jobs that we can do incredibly efficiently and without even breaking a sweat! On the other hand, we all have skills that we aren't quite so proficient at (hello short hand!). Skills that we don't necessarily have the time (or inclination) to invest in improving. It's all very well for someone to say 'Practice makes Perfect!', but in real-life business situations, how many people have hours of free time to dedicate to learning how to use Excel efficiently, or how to do their own books if they struggle at Maths? And is it really the best use of your time if it is a small part of your business and not actually what you do best?

When it comes to doing your thing, nobody can do it quite like you; few people have the insight that you do into your specific field of business, or have such an extensive understanding of your customers and suppliers, or the products and services that you sell - that is definitely a talent! Sometimes though, when you are engulfed in some of the more mundane activities that are involved in running your own business or life (collating expense receipts or typing up notes from meetings, etc.), your unique talents don't have the chance to shine - frustration, boredom and irritability can sneak in to your daily work life. Or worse still, those tasks get pushed to the bottom of a list and you suddenly realise you haven't sent an invoice out in 3 months.

As a Virtual Assistant, I am acutely aware of the fact that we all have different talents and skills. Many Virtual Assistants collaborate, each specialising in several very specific areas to ensure that the client always receives the most appropriate support for them - support which is carried out by someone who really knows what they are doing! This ethos of sharing skills and experience has really helped me to embrace both my own skills and my own work-based limitations:

I have learnt that if there is something I am good at, I need to ensure I use those skills every day for the benefit of my business. If there is something I'm not great at (or loathe), and which is taking my time and focus away from what I do best, it often works better if I can get someone else to help - someone who excels in that particular area. There are so many companies out there that offer support for all kinds of issues - from bookkeeping to call handling, from social media management to cleaning; these businesses are run by professionals in their fields, people that actually enjoy the jobs you hate! So if you are struggling with certain tasks, why not consider outsourcing in order to have more time to dedicate to the things that you do best?

At Personally Virtual, our clients tell us that even a small amount of support time makes a huge impact on how they feel about work. You can find a list of a few of the things we can assist with here, but you are more than welcome to email me at Kathy@personallyvirtual.co.uk, or give me a ring on: +44 7805 390651 for a general conversation about how outsourcing some admin might look for you.

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