Holiday Inbox Management

Do you suffer  inbox anxiety when you are on holiday, dreading what you might be missing? Or do you give in and spend so much time on your phone that you feel like you have never left?

We have the solution!

Let us manage your emails while you are away. For a fixed price, we will delegate, delete, file and prioritise according to your instructions. If there is something you want and need to know about we'll send it to you and you can let us know what needs doing with it. Otherwise, you don't need to get bogged down.

You return to a sensible looking inbox with only things you actually need to read in it. Painless!  

Here is how one client described the experience:

"As a small business, it's difficult to maintain business continuity whilst taking the time away with family without customer email queries intruding on personal time. So when we took a much deserved holiday abroad this year, I asked Kathy and her team to manage my email inbox for me - responding to simple queries, redirecting questions to other team members, or simply managing customer expectations. I received any mega-urgent questions via a temporary email account which I accessed daily whilst away - but I didn't have to trawl through the rest of the spam and low-level queries. As a result, I had the most relaxing holiday since setting up the business, and to return to an almost clear inbox with a list of actions to pick up meant returning to work on Monday morning was a breeze!"

Would you like more information on how to have an email-free holiday?

Contact us here. 

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