What can we do?
Pretty much whatever is needed!
As examples:

  • Holiday Inbox Management
  • Schedule meetings / interviews / workshops / calls
  • Tracking of sales leads and follow ups - who you need to get back in touch with and when
  • Coordinate events and workshops (printing, guest lists, venues etc)
  • Implement your marketing strategy
  • Take on project coordination; new website, seminar, CRM or other software implementation
  • Manage your diary
  • Manage your inbox, all the time or when you go away
  • Update and create content for your Linked In, Twitter feed, Facebook, websites and blogs
  • Invoice your clients and unravel expense mountains...
  • Chase up overdue invoices
  • Travel management
  • Remind you about things and chivvy you (in a loving way!) through your task list
  • Beautify documents (Word /PowerPoint)
  • Proof read
  • Sort out your contacts database
  • Suggest ways to make your business more efficient
  • Take notes or write flip charts at meetings and events and produce outputs
  • Research
  • Create PowerPoint presentations
  • Typing and data entry
  • Filing systems - physical and virtual
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