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the Diary Ninja

Your virtual diary ninja

When you’re busy driving business growth, your diary needs zen-like calm

Personally Virtual is a team of diary management experts who provide exactly the right service in exactly the right way.

We specialise in working with ambitious, busy and growing businesses who need extra pairs of hands to work discreetly and efficiently.

We support you virtually, ensuring your diary is on point, your calls happen when they need to, and your plans are executed.

If you think your diary would do with the attention of our ninjas, why not get in touch?

Our Services

The majority of our services are those you’d expect from a skilled Executive Assistant.
We are masters of diary and email management, and travel and transport arrangements. We remind you of deadlines and keep your contacts database current. You can trust us to deal with all your stakeholders with professionalism and discretion.

Whatever we’re doing, we operate with minimal impact or disturbance, so you barely notice we are there.

The similarities between us and ninjas are uncanny

Our problem-solving approach and high levels of awareness enable us to act with confidence in managing complex diary movements or coordinating large event attendee lists. We are excellent at understanding and empathising with people, always controlling our own emotions to remove stress at every opportunity. We work efficiently and effectively from behind the scenes to keep you organised and up to date in every aspect of your business.

Why ninjas?

The feudal ninja of Japan had skills that went far beyond being a warrior. Three key elements of their approach were controlling situations, being stealthy and practicing self-discipline.
A ninja was traditionally employed as a spy to carry out assassinations. These days, you’ll be glad to know, the only things we kill are stress and conflicts in your diary.


The service is seamless and everyone that we’ve worked with has been professional, organised and passionate about making our lives easier.

Jim Dobel, Q5 Partners LLP

Personally Virtual is made up of real life Ninjas.

Charlotte O’Driscoll, Clarasys

Jules is a top notch virtual assistant, and achieves the impossible in terms of scheduling. A pleasure to work with.

Tom Gash, Leapwise Advisory

I’d definitely recommend Personally Virtual to anyone!

Linda Ryan, Everest Insurance

Sam has been a very welcome addition to our team, given her exemplary enthusiasm and can-do attitude

Anna Chilczuk, Rogers MacJohn

The Personally Virtual team are thoroughly professional and hard-working. They have become a genuine extension of the Q5 team.

Olly Purnell, Q5 Partners LLP

Working with Kathy was a godsend. She totally understood that I needed more than a VA

Shaa Wasmund MBE

I have no hesitation in recommending Personally Virtual who have worked wonders organising me!

David Shayor, L&D Limited

Kathy has been a godsend to my business, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to those looking for a high level VA

Karen Gilbert

I can not recommend them enough – you are absolutely safe in their hands

Charlotte O’Driscoll, Clarasys

It would not be an exaggeration to say that having Kathy on board has completely changed my working life!

Emma Hakansson Q5 Partners

Team work

In business, organisation is an absolute necessity, not an alternative.

Personally Virtual is led by Kathy Soulsby.

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