A flexible, professional resource,
here when you need us!

“There are days when we can cope comfortably, and days when we’re totally snowed under. But even on the good days, we’d still love someone to just take away the jobs we hate!”

Sound familiar?

Personally Virtual does just that – we provide a completely flexible, outsourced virtual assistant (VA)  service that takes away your stress and allows you to focus on the tasks you’re best at.

We’re smart, organised, discreet and reliable, and we’ll keep you in the loop as regularly as you wish. When you need us to work on your behalf, we offer a seamless service that complements you and your brand values perfectly. And at times when you don’t need us, we won’t cost you a penny.

So let us manage your back office; responding to emails, following up sales leads, expenses, , invoicing, diary management, event management and travel planning, and see how liberating it is to be able to focus on just being brilliant at what you do best.

To find out more about how we can help you, call Kathy Soulsby in complete confidence on 07805 390651 or email kathy@personallyvirtual.co.uk


Do you find it hard to keep up with emails, sales leads, follow-ups, social media and booking meetings while you are out actually doing the work?

Would you like a PA to shoulder some of the load, but don't need one all the time, or can't afford one, or don't have an office?


Are you losing valuable working time at your hourly rate when you could be paying someone else a lot less for things you don't necessarily need to do yourself?

What more could you achieve in your business if only you had more hours at your disposal?


Are your evenings and weekends taken up with administrative tasks, such as expenses, invoicing, or sorting out travel arrangements?

Wouldn’t your life be better if you had someone reliable, friendly and intelligent to do all this?

“Q5 has prided itself over the years in trying new things out. Having grown from being a 5 person business in 2009 to a business today with hundreds of people across the UK, US, Europe and Asia, we needed to put in place a responsive, cost-effective ‘support’ set up. The reason we chose to engage Personally Virtual is because of the calibre of their executive assistants, who are only ever one phone call, text or WhatsApp message away. The Personally Virtual team are thoroughly professional and hard-working. They have become a genuine extension of the Q5 team.”

Olly Purnell, Managing Partner of Q5 Partners

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