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  • Preparing for a Summer Break: 5 Top Tips for Business Professionals

    As a business owner or busy professional, taking time off work can be very challenging. However, a well-deserved summer break is essential for maintaining productivity and avoiding burnout. It can be difficult to ‘switch off’ from work mode when you are away, so if you want to relax on holiday, proper preparation is key to…

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  • Mastering Task Management: 5 Top Tips for Managing your Task List

    Whether you’re running your own business or a team member in a business organisation, I’m sure that creating a task list (whether paper or digital) and subsequent attempts to reduce the length of that list form a key part of your work day. We all want to ensure that jobs are prioritised appropriately and completed…

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  • Stress and Productivity 

    Stress and productivity  We all know that stress can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing, but it can also have a negative impact on your day-to-day work. Unfortunately, this leads to a never-ending wheel of stress, as stress can lead to minor errors and these, in turn, can lead to increased stress.…

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Productivity Nerd

We’re all balancing the need to work enough (enough to make ends meet, not annoy our bosses but also enough that we feel like we’ve done enough, which is a whole different psychological and emotional ball game) with the human need to rest and stay well. And, maybe even enjoy ourselves just a little bit along the way and spend quality time with those we love.

I for one love hearing about how people get more done, more efficiently so that they get more time to do the things they love.

Join me and some special guests over at Productivity Nerd

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