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You’re ready for a Virtual Assistant, but where do you start?

The Virtual Assistant market is growing rapidly as businesses look for a more flexible solution to support.

Anyone with a computer and wifi can call themselves a Virtual Assistant so how can you make sure you get the right one?

• How can you trust someone you’ve never even met to look after your hard-won clients, your IP and your business reputation?

• How do you know which of the many Virtual Assistants out there is right for you?

• What should you be looking for in terms of skills, set up, personality and availability?

• What processes and safeguards should you be working with to protect your business?

“How to Work with a Virtual Assistant” guides you step by step from deciding what tasks to outsource, to finding the right Virtual Assistant and putting in place processes to make working with them successful, rewarding and fun.

Kathy Soulsby, explains exactly what a Virtual Assistant is and takes you through the different way in which they can benefit your business and even when a VA isn’t the right solution for you.

Answering the important questions on getting the right fit, how to communicate with your VA and really get the best out of the relationship, common niggles and how to avoid them and those key concerns on cost, all with more than a dash of humour.

A Virtual Assistant could be the key to getting more done, hitting your goals and being a lot less stressed. This book will support you in finding and keeping, the best VA for you.  

If you’re ready to outsource everything but your brilliance, don’t hire a VA without reading this book first!

Kathy Soulsby is the doyenne of Virtual Assistants. Agency owner and long-time VA and EA, Kathy has first hand experience of VA and client relationships from the good, the bad to the best left unsaid.

After a career that included roles in restaurant management, customer relations, sales and exporting, and PA and EA roles in management consultancies, recruitment and executive coaching businesses, Kathy set up Personally Virtual back in 2014. She now has a team of over 30 associate VAs providing expert virtual support to global corporations, successful British businesses and enterprising solopreneurs.

Praise for the book:

“This book is THE handbook on how to work with a VA. It’s really important, too, that entrepreneurs understand that the more they work IN their own business, the less valuable it is. Outsourcing is definitely the way to go….but there are good ways and not-so-good ways of doing that.”

“If you are wondering whether working with a Virtual Assistant is the right thing for you and you are also wondering how everything works, GET THIS BOOK!”

“If you run a business and want to outsource then this really is the book for you. Clear, easy to follow with good action plans to implement, it will guide you through outsourcing with ease. Well written, easy to read and helps you every step of the way.”

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Thinking of moving from an employed PA or EA role to freelance life? Virtually Painless is the ultimate warts-and-all guide to being a VA. Published in 2017, Virtually Painless has been getting rave reviews from readers.

“This book is like having expert advice from your very funny friend over a glass of wine. If you are making the transition to VA and have no idea what to expect, or where to start, then you must read this book. A list of what NOT to do is explained through laugh-out-loud stories. Unlike most other ‘how-to’ books it’s witty and smart and not one paragraph is a ‘dry’ read. Kathy clearly knows her stuff and it’s written in such an accessible way that it gives you the confidence to move forward.”

“Loved this fabulous book – it’s a hilarious, honest and down-to-earth account of the realities of life as a VA. It should be mandatory for anybody thinking of entering this crazy, frustrating, exhausting, challenging and wonderful business.”