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Hello! I’m Kathy Soulsby and I run Personally Virtual.

From one person to a whole team – we’re here for you, with a passion for adding value.

After a career that included roles in restaurant management, customer relations, sales and exporting, and PA and EA roles in management consultancies, recruitment and executive coaching businesses, I set up Personally Virtual back in 2014.

As a sole trader, I did all the work, helping small businesses to thrive. Being resourceful and flexible, and continually learning to finding better and more efficient ways to work, enabled me to make a huge difference.

Now, I have a whole team of carefully selected associates who can help businesses every bit as well as I ever could, and often more so. And whilst I’m still an active member of the team, much of my time is now spent overseeing and co-ordinating the team, and ensuring that we get every job completed faultlessly, meet every deadline, and add value in any way we can.

Relationships and clear communications are key to our success, whether that is with our clients, with our clients’ clients or with anyone else.

I really hope that you decide to have one or more of the team work with you. If you are in any doubt about how much difference a smart, experienced VA could make to your team, I’d be happy to put you in touch with any of our existing clients and let them tell you from personal experience the impact it has made on them and their organisations.

Why Ninjas?

The feudal ninja of Japan had skills that went far beyond being a warrior. Three key elements of their approach were controlling situations, being stealthy and practicing self-discipline. The similarities between ninjas and the EAs here at Personally Virtual are uncanny.

“The first priority to the ninja is to win without fighting.”

Masaaki Hatsumi

Our problem-solving approach and high levels of awareness enable us to act with confidence in managing complex diary movements or coordinating large event attendee lists. We are excellent at understanding and empathising with people, always controlling our own emotions to remove stress at every opportunity. We work efficiently and effectively from behind the scenes to keep you organised and up to date in every aspect of your business.

A ninja was traditionally employed as a spy to carry out assassinations. These days, you’ll be glad to know, the only things we kill are stress and conflicts in your diary.


Kathy has literally changed my life. She has relieved me of many of the worrying practical details of running my business which were stopping me focusing on the bigger picture and really putting my attention where it ought to be. She is consistently bright, calm, supportive and efficient and genuinely enjoys what she does. I would recommend her services without hesitation.

Chris Bramwell, Business Coach

The reason we chose to engage Personally Virtual is because of the calibre of their executive assistants, who are only ever one phone call, text or WhatsApp message away. The Personally Virtual team are thoroughly professional and hard-working. They have become a genuine extension of the Q5 team.

Olly Purnell, Managing Partner of Q5 Partners

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