Find some extra hours in the day, without resorting to time and/or space travel…

Published: October 25, 2023

In a world where 24 hours just don’t seem enough, it’s never been a better time to outsource everything but your brilliance! So forget moving to Venus (where a day lasts 243 Earth days and the average temperature is 482 degrees celsius) and instead, let a virtual assistant swoop in to free up some of your precious time.

We’re all juggling work, family, and life’s unending responsibilities. It’s like trying to keep a dozen plates spinning on sticks while dancing the macarena. So how could a Virtual Assistant help you? Here are four simple examples that could make a world of difference to your working life:

Diary Management: If your life’s a complex symphony of meetings, appointments, and deadlines, your VA is your conductor. They can organise your schedule efficiently, so you don’t accidentally double-book important client and supplier meetings or miss deadlines. Having a diary ninja on your team can help you plan, prioritise, and protect valuable working time.

Email Management: Are you a little afraid of your email inbox? For many, it’s an endless ocean of unanswered emails, spam, and those newsletters you can’t remember ever subscribing to. Some VAs offer email management services and can help wade through those treacherous waters, fishing out the important messages and tossing out the spam. This saves valuable hours that might otherwise have been lost – particularly if you are susceptible to email marketing and end up down a rabbit warren of online shopping and Quora answers.

Marketing Assistance: Whether you’re running a small business or nurturing a personal brand, marketing is crucial, but I know that it’s not every person’s unique zone of genius. Some people hate social media, can’t bring themselves to write a blog and feel terrible about self-promoting. So why not consider outsourcing these kind of tasks to a marketing specialist freelancer? They can craft engaging social media posts, schedule content, and even track your campaign results, freeing up valuable time for work that you enjoy more or that is more important in the daily running of the business for you to be involved in.

Customer Service Support: As your business flourishes, so do the demands of your customers. But don’t lose sleep over answering customer enquiries at all hours. A virtual assistant could be your first line of defence from time-consuming simple customer messages. They could be trained to handle routine, repetitive questions in a professional and effective way, and you can feel confident knowing that your customers are in good hands.

So whether you’re looking for diary or inbox management, travel and itinerary support, document creation or broader administrative assistance, why not get in touch? Outsourcing everything but your brilliance can really help you free up valuable hours in your day.