How to keep motivated in January

Published: January 18, 2023

Christmas is over, festive frivolity seems like a distant memory… it’s easy to feel a little deflated and demotivated in January. The days are short and the weather is traditionally pretty grim, and we’re bombarded by media articles encouraging us to ‘be our best self’, sometimes in a fairly patronising way!

So how can we try and maintain productivity and positivity in January? Here are my top tips:

1. Take advantage of having a little more time – as everyone hunkers down post-Christmas, and recovers from festive socialising and parties, January is a great time to devote to completing goals that have been on your ‘to-do’ list for some time. Why not pick a project or two and commit to them until they are finished?

2. Have something to look forward to – make plans for the future and remind yourself why you are working hard. Maybe it’s a weekend away or a new challenge – whatever it is, having something to look forward to can help keep focused on your day-to-day tasks.

3. Make self-care part of your routine – Whether it’s an extra hour in bed, a walk in the park or some time with friends, it’s important to look after yourself. Being kind to your body and mind is essential for keeping motivated.

4. Find ways to reward yourself – Setting small goals throughout January and rewarding yourself when you achieve them can be an effective way of maintaining focus. This could be anything from a small treat to a bigger reward – whatever works for you.

5. Set realistic expectations – It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the workload in January and begin doubting our ability to achieve it all. Setting small goals that are achievable, rather than trying to do too much too soon is key here.

6. If you are struggling, find yourself an accountability buddy! Someone you can check in with on a regular basis to ensure that you are on target to clear your to-do list, or to motivate you if you aren’t!

7.) Consider using a time management technique like Pomodoros – you can find out more about it in my blog here: 

I hope these tips will help to keep you a little more motivated this January and continue the progress you made in your business in 2022.